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Today at 8:15 AM

Hey, this is great! Thanks! Would it be easier for everyone if I just post requests here rather than sending them out individually?

Today at 8:16 AM

yes it would be heaps easier

Today at 8:19 AM

Logistically yes it would be better to post here but doing that exclusively will mean that some of the visibility of posting general discussion posts where there is more message traffic would be lost.

Today at 8:22 AM

I can still post some where there would be more traffic, especially for those individuals who already have an account on Geni.

One more question - would you like me to post each request individually or add them to the one page where some are currently listed?

Private User
Today at 8:43 AM

I'd like to see public posts because we can build on each others work. look what Australia got done while the East Coast USA was sleeping!

Randy - our followers will see the project posts. And then there's a focal point to keep requests from being lost. I couldn't find yesterday's discussion from Eowyn easily, but in the project, very quickly.

Today at 8:54 AM

"...One more question - would you like me to post each request individually or add them to the one page where some are currently listed?.."

I'd suggest we keep them on the one page initially for better visibility "front page" visibility. If that becomes unwieldy we can reevaluate...besides listing requests on the project description page is how Jason initially started organizing things when he started this project.

Private User good points. Thanks for the feedback.

Private User
Today at 9:01 AM

Guess it depends on how many requests we have. It might make more sense to just link the name and paste the provided information into the "About" section, or perhaps it's own discussion thread. If in the about section, then it would have the added privacy protection of the profile, but it may potentially limit non-curators, as they would have to request management of the profile to gain visibility. If posted in a discussion thread, links could easily be provided to the public ancestors (if there are any).

Private User
Today at 9:35 AM

Eowyn Langholf (GFR Cousin Coordinator), I've added <private> Paquet & to the project page as completed with a path to A.J. Bryan Shuy does have an account on Geni and I've sent him a message requesting a merge of his tree with the one we've created that connects him to the world tree. His brother Justin Shuy also has a small tree, though he has not logged in for some time.

May I suggest that when you contact users about the path to A.J. along with the question of joining the site, you let them know that their tree exists here and we'd like them to claim it, so that we can turn over management to them and allow them to expand it. In many cases, if someone asks me to join a site, I'll probably say no, but if you tell them their profile exists here, their family tree and ancestors exist here and we want them to take ownership of it, that may change their answer and get them more involved. Also let them know that there is no cost.

Private User
Today at 9:37 AM

For some reason, <private> Shuy (the profile we created) didn't link in the last post.

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