What the?:!

Начал Duc Minh Hoang Вторник, 29 Декабря 2009


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29/12/2009 в 6:30 после полудня

Uyen you didnt give birth to BABY!

29/12/2009 в 10:07 после полудня

She didn't give birth to herself! Come and pick up your kids already!

29/12/2009 в 10:12 после полудня

you cant have her as you daughter phool!

Mum already adopted the kids!! you need to come over to pick up Joshes medicine

29/12/2009 в 10:13 после полудня

too bad, so sad =P

we're at our limits. i think we're returning them tonight.

Показаны все 4 сообщения

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