What else do you know about mom?

Started by Eddy Kwok on 2010年1月6日(星期三)


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2010年1月6日上午 9点24分

To: Yon Kwok, Private User, Rudi, Elin Kwok

Let's talk everything about mom!

Eddy Kwok

Private User

At night: When mom sleepy, she always Haaaaa...

2010年1月9日上午 1点01分

Private User, you meant, mom likes to yawn out loud huh? Yeah!;) BTW, I supposed to post this discussion at the Family Discussions.

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2010年1月10日上午 6点35分

Yes at night when she busy all full day and try to get rest and sleep then...yawn to us and continue say "Ekk ahhh....ekk....ahhhh" (come on..sleep...sleep...)"
What advice she has given to you, that you still remember?

2010年1月10日上午 8点14分

BTW, I bet, this gonna be only two of us who posting messages here! :(

I remembered a quote given my mom when I was a little, that was went like this (circa):


I think that was one of many others reason why mom has so many friends:) How about you? Any other good advices or quote from mom?

Private User
2010年1月10日下午 8点12分

Yes, there are only two of us posting and reply messages. Does this message can be read by all family member?
Hmm...another advice from mom (circa): Like weather , it drive changes; plants nearby hill are change and that be expect that people will also change. But, don't we all agree that usually people resist to change?


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