Isabel Harrington's parentage

Начала Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy, Vol. Curator Среда, 6 Января 2010


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6/1/2010 в 3:14 после полудня

I've been struggling with this one ( and others like it) myself.

I'm just brainstorming here, but if we count the managers of each profile in the pending merge stack as a "vote", we have six votes for her husband being John Stanley, 4 votes for father being Robert, 1 vote for her father being Nicholas, and 1 "abstain" vote for father.

6/1/2010 в 3:44 после полудня

I usually create a duplicate profile married to the spouse and put the other parents with that one, with proper notes in both profiles.

8/1/2010 в 5:38 до полудня

I like Carole's practice of putting the parent's names in the name ... the merging popup can be dangerous.

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16/1/2011 в 12:57 до полудня

I noticed she gave birth to her first child, in 1382 when she was 3 years old... that's just not right.
Age 3
Birth of Mary Tunstall
<, Thurland Castle, Lancashire, England>
Age 7
Birth of Thomas (1386) Tunstall, II
Thurland Castle, , Yorkshire, England

Показаны все 4 сообщения

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