An ode to one Universal Well-wisher, Dr.Venkat Chamarty, Happy Birthday!

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1/24/2010 at 2:25 AM

He who wishes well for others
Becomes the dearest to Five Elements;
Wishing well to others is the ultimate Dharma;
A Good Samaritan has nil opposition, oh, Parvanendu Mukhi!
(My above translation of Pothana's verse from his Bhaghavatam --dedicated to my brother on his happy birthday today, i.e. on 24th January 2009, very humbly)

Para hitamu sEyunevvadu
Paramahitundagunu bhoota panchakamulakun
Para hitame parama dharmamu
Para hitunaku neduru lEdu parvendu mukhi

Source: Haalaahala bhakshanam of Pothana’s Bhagavtam, acknowledging

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