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Started by Günther Kipp on 2010年4月7日(星期三)


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2010年4月7日下午 2点20分

I should - and is - be much easier to find collaborators to merge profiles, but there is still a few managers with very few (if any) collaborators, we stil nead to make merge requests in the discussions.
Can anybody help me with:
Ken Rice:
Eduardo Lobo Cabral de Mello:
Michael Hungate:
Ole Helle-Broe:
Jean-François BLANC:
Fountain-Filson Lang :
Randall Royce Reed:
Billie Key
Frank Stuart Hagan
Loyd Alan Newman

The listed links is only exmples
Please list if you can merge any of these I'll then make a dedecated discussion

And please make a list of your own.

2010年4月7日下午 2点26分

Would it help if we added a collaborators module to user profiles?

Private User
2010年4月7日下午 2点41分

It would help a lot especially in finding collaborators which might be more collaborative, - but a Cancel button should be first priority so people can starting using the new merge feature without having to go through the huge pile og merge requests.

Private User
2010年4月7日下午 3点19分

I would like to be able to cancel a merge request without undoing the merge. Then I would be able to request the merge from an active collaborator.

Private User
2010年4月7日下午 3点23分

Henn Sarv has access to Ole Helle-Broe. I submitted a request to him for the profile you have listed.


Private User
2010年4月7日下午 3点35分

Noah, yes would be a big help. But please do consider Bjorn's idea re: the cancel button. Anything to make life easier when it comes to merges and weeding out uncooperative or disinterested collaborators! :)

2010年4月7日下午 4点08分


Please strongly consider Bjorn's idea.

I had to undo 2 or 3 huge stacks to remove incorrect merges. There is someone who is making all kinds of merges that should never have been done. I cannot remember this persons name at this time.

Private User
2010年4月8日上午 7点58分

@Günther Kipp:

Eduardo Lobo Cabral de Mello appears to be friends with Pablo Benítez Barreto and may be collaborating with him. Try sending Pablo a direct message... he tends to respond better when you write to him directly. Also... you might want to try using Spanish if you can.

Dawn Packness Illingworth Mcfarlane appears to be friends with Bjorn Brox.

@Private User: Do you collaborate with Dawn Packness Illingworth Mcfarlane?

Jason P Herbert

Private User
2010年4月8日上午 8点07分

I am collaborating with Pablo but he did not show up with pending merges of Eduardo de Mello ; no one did

Private User
2010年4月8日上午 8点10分

@ Noah; regarding your suggestion wouldn't it be some kind of violation of privacy and could also backfired at us; perhaps then people will stop collaborating with us?

Private User
2010年4月8日上午 8点11分

or maybe I don't understand your suggestion very well

Private User
2010年4月8日上午 8点31分

sorry i don't see anyone i can help with...but i will look again just in case...those are some pretty big stacks...wonder if they really did have 35 children lol

2010年4月8日上午 9点18分

From the list I believe I am collaborating with Randal Royce Reed, and for James Frederick Pultz you can contact either Kerry Lee Cunningham or David Kaleita and for Jean Francoise Blanc:
Shelley Chrystal Mactyre
Bjørn P. Brox
Jason Scott Wills
(I keep my own list near the pc)


Private User

Dawn normale merge her own profiles on request


Private User

on Pablo Benítez Barreto could you please find a link I couldn't find him!!

Private User

Here you go, Günther
Private User

Private User
2010年4月9日上午 1点46分

Anybody collaborating with this person?

Terje Berger

I have requested many times with no response.
He/she appears many times in my tree around the Arundell/Stradling family lines. I would dearly love to have someone help me resolve the merges.

Private User
2010年4月9日上午 2点51分

This person: Private User?
Nope - and not even a pending collaboration on him.

Could you send me one of the pending merges with his profiles, - I might be more lucky in getting collaboration.

I you don't have any pending merges with his profiles, - leave it and let him have his profiles alone. We have enough pending merges to deal with already.

I have started to hate the hot-match functionality, and especially that people are complaining about hot-matches they cannot resolve. If people want to get connected THEY can take contact with you. It is better to concentrate on existing problems and not to bring in new.

2010年4月9日上午 2点55分

Do someone have collaboration with Linda Mae Fox:
Private User

Private User
2010年4月9日上午 3点21分

Nope, - but I got some of her deceased public profiles yesterday, probably automatically released by the over one year since last login rule.

Private User
2010年4月9日上午 3点41分

Again an example of common collaborators that not is listed as an option...

Anyone who have a support ticked on this one and can update it with more examples?

2010年4月9日上午 4点05分

But not all? ;-((

2010年4月9日上午 6点19分

Was for Bjørn on Linda Mae Fox:

2010年4月9日下午 7点17分

I still new this Linda Mae Fox was one of OPEN unmanaged proiles... when I searched for link... so I hope I can help, I read somewhere some one could take over unmanged files, so I click on her's and doubled my profiles and I belive I added a lot of data to my AUnt June's Tree, I feel a little shakey(new to this SIte) If any of you Olllllllddddd timers pitch in Ideas, have at it... Linda Mae Fox on her Profile is Deceased, But another Linda Fox(is deceased, and Gunther and myself can not look at C Denmark Profile....(I work for a security company) It has been a long day....) Thanks for any help that can be given or if you need help let me know...

2010年4月10日上午 3点14分

I think the probles is, that you haven't taken over the living profiles of Linda, meening that we still have problems with zombies like Christian IX of Denmark.
I think you need to write to GENI help once more!!
I could only find one Linda Mae Fox, but several Linda Fox.

2010年4月10日上午 4点01分

I think every one of us should make there own private list on hanging/pending merges, then we could public them here.
And thereafter ask GENI for help on the remaining unsolved - What do you mean Noah?? How can we help to get help??

2010年4月18日下午 1点28分

New un coorperative manager!!
Try to look at this profil: Private User
I can't see this profil status, and can't sent any request, what is going on??

Private User
2010年4月18日下午 5点11分

Hi Gunther,

Gunther any luck with Private User ? I can request to collaborate or add to family group (just checked the profile), and will do this if you are having no luck, but think Geni should do something immediately to make all these profiles without a manager's name or those masquerading as historical people open to merge. They are so frustrating!

2010年4月18日下午 5点40分

There is a problem with Anne Hyde (Duchess of York)
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York

She is shown as being married to one of her sons 'James the Pretender'

Private User
2010年4月18日下午 5点57分

I am having similar problems with the 1st Earl of Suffolk, who I have as Thomas, but who is William elsewhere, and consequently is apparently his own brother. It's such a mess, and I haven't dared to do anything to his profile as yet...sigh!!


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