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Started by Paul Dufault on 2010年4月13日(星期二)


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2010年4月13日下午 8点17分

Does anyone know which First Nation = Thomas's mother is. I have some stuff that mentions Cree - but not much at all.

2010年4月16日上午 5点12分

Use the Odjick tree tab to find Catherine's profile (Thomas' mother). When you click on her box, you will see her marriage record states she and her parents are Iroquois. If you click on her parents names which are highlighted on her profile, it will take you to their information.
If you go to the top of the tree, you will see a box called History and Culture Odjick. There you will find much information.

2010年4月16日上午 5点15分 mistake! I was referring to the wrong Thomas obviously = ).
I have had so many queries about the Odjick family's status that I didn't read your post fully = p
Sorry = )

2010年4月18日下午 6点14分

Thanks anyway Kim



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