Wrong parents?

Started by Noah Tutak on 2010年4月19日(星期一)


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2010年4月19日下午 5点34分

Looks like this profile has the wrong parents. I see that the DOB is after the DOD for both parents. Does anyone have permission to correct this mistake?

2010年4月19日下午 6点43分


There are people who have rights to her public profiles. I don't have rights to edit it.

Private User
2010年4月19日下午 7点33分

Clearly the wrong parents... They did have a son Humphrey b. abt 1480, died young. He's already here.

This is Humphrey Stafford, 'the immigrant'. In a quick search, I didn'f find any parents for him. I'd cut him loose....

2010年4月20日上午 8点00分

I cut him loose and found a merge that will give Noah access.

2010年4月21日下午 6点46分

Thanks - except I don't see a link to the profile anymore. Does anyone else? Did this get lost because the profile was merged?

2010年4月21日下午 6点52分

Looks like the link was lost because of the merge. We'll get that fixed. In the meantime, here is a link to the profile: Humphrey Stafford, of Eyam


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