Heart felt thanks!

Started by Private User on 2010年4月21日(星期三)


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For those of you that have been dealing with all the merge requests I have been sending your way, those that have stepped up to the plate to cover for those that won't...I very much appreciate your help and collaboration. Let me know if you are overwhelmed and I will redirect merge requests.


I will take as many merge requests as possible! I love doing them - making sure names match, dates match, etc. I know I'm weird - people tell me so every day - but I just love doing them. So you, Margaret, and anyone else can feel free to request as many as you want. I might not do them immediately but they will get done within 24 hours! Thanks!


Marsha, Thanks for all you help, if more people would do it, things wouldn't be the mess they are now, and I always get a response form you when I request.

Thanks again



I don't have a problem in doing them. One day, I woke up to 51 merge requests as I had not been on Geni for over 16 hours.


You had the nerve to sleep??? When there's all this work to do??? LOL! Good job, Kevin!



I still have a life outside of Geni. I just finished taking apart two large incorrectly merged stacks.


Nooooo. You're not allowed! My previous comment was laden with sarcasm as I fully expect you to have a 'real' life! I just think it's great that you do spend so much time here helping to clean up!

Sometimes it seems as if we're taking knots out of yarn...

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To Marsha! Thank you for inadvertent laugh! I, too, enjoy working out the puzzles and then the resulting triumph of merging. Call us The Mergettes!!! I've recently realized, if other Geni members have a little green "house" on my site, that means I can merge their families without another request to okay. I do look for them first.
Kitty Milloy

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I'm happy to do merges, too. However, I'm afraid if word gets around, I'll be doing 300 a day!

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Mergettes! I like that! Fun to have a puzzle to solve that doesn't feel like a waste of time.
Peter...I will keep that in mind! : )


How do find time to do them?? Geni is so slow for me, once I click to open a profile, I can go boil water for tea before it's opens on the screen - or geni times out!

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2010年4月21日下午 1点06分

Hello, Janice! Well, a decent up-to-date computer can work wonders regarding time. I generally have several profiles running at the same time, and go from one to another to another, etc.
About finding time ... well, that's another topic! I've had to allow/limit self to No More Than One Hour a day! Well, or two ... or three ... then, I'm having so much fun with Geni, it's 3:00 a.m. A bit nutty. I find I need to remind self, "You do have another life outside of Geni!" Go live it! Kitty

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2010年4月21日下午 2点18分

Ditto Katharine!

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2010年4月21日下午 2点51分

I too am always happy to do merge requests. Send them my way!!!

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2010年4月21日下午 2点58分

I, too, am happy to do merge requests.
Feel free to send some my way too.

Jason P Herbert

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2010年4月21日下午 7点46分

May I offer to you all, in the words of the name of this discussion, Heart felt thanks! Your time and patience help the rest of us enjoy Geni.

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2010年4月21日下午 8点13分

Thanks, Ray! Well, back to merging! Faskinating! Kitty

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2010年4月21日下午 8点40分

Thank you for starting this topic! I'd recently been thinking about how much I appreciate everyone who handles merges for some of the more reclusive managers, and how awesome it is to be part of such a helpful group! Thank you all!

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2010年4月21日下午 8点54分

I truly experience giddiness when I go back to a part of the tree I futzed over for days, getting no where and notice I am collaborating with everyone in the profiles to merge...and the tree is gorgeous..until a whole bunch of new merges show up out of no where!


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