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At home on Oure Mark, Oure parish, Gudmed Herred, Svendborg county,
Buried on Oure churchyard 16. March 1927
Cause of death: Her youngest son asked her to hold a horse for a moment in their yard. Suddenly a motorbike or a car came by with a noise so that the horse was scared and the horse pushed her so she fell down and broke her thigh bone and she never recovered from it.
Ester Bondo Nielsen told the family that Johanne was very hard working all the time, and all the hyacinths on the tables at Johanne's funeral were flowers Johanne had forced. There were lots of bees at the tables in the flowers and that was a symbol for Ester of her beloved grandmother from whom she had learnt all cooking even when Ester was a little girl, and now Ester was expecting her first child Svend.

Показаны все 1 сообщение

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