warning! - please stop collaboration

Started by Henn Sarv on 2010年4月25日(星期日)


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2010年4月26日上午 3点29分

Living! Yes! Abort collaboration immediately and do not merge him into any more profiles. He makes new profiles every day and merge them in everywhere in order to become co-manager.


He even doesn't bother giving the profiles names....
NN Haralddotter

2010年4月26日上午 3点44分

What arrogance! And that's the only profile for Hrorek?? Did he put in "please respect our work!"?

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2010年4月26日上午 3点46分

no.... but in bulgarian it's
Моля, спазвайте нашата работа


2010年4月26日上午 3点48分

Thanks! ;>)

2010年4月26日上午 4点18分

What is 'GENI's opinion of someone like this??

2010年4月26日上午 4点27分

Not that it should make a difference, but he isn't even a Pro member.

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2010年4月26日上午 9点25分

I think the rule of thumb is that each person should be named as they would have written it themselves (assuming they could), but I also see the value of being in a familiar language. Maybe each profile should have optional fields where you can add the name in different languages, with a drop down language selector.

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2010年4月26日上午 9点42分

Listen, I have no problems with collaborating...that is how a lot of us locate and determine if certain branches we are working on will fit into our respective trees ( if they are a part of our family) or not.
But yes, I do agree with someone giving you their information and you importing it to your Geni tree (or personal Family Tree Maker, etc files), and changing the info, and even claiming that the information is yours, instead of giving credit to the person that you got it from in your sources.
Please remember...geneology information is usually a conglomoration of mutual information from different sources, and if you did not so the work researching it, you should not!!! take credit for it.

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I've stopped collaboration with him.

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Eks siis nii - seitse korda mõõda, üks kord lõika!

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2010年4月26日下午 1点06分

an automatic translation system seems essential when collaborators speak multiple languages. the very idea of a family tree suggests this need from the get-go. where is this obviously needed translation system? one cannot expect all people to speak english, russian,or norwegian. this problem is due to not predicting the obvious. instead of spending time growing the tree i am spending too much time with merges & duplicates to get the tree correct (as known at moment). designing the software to take care of it from the beginning would be the preferred answer. all the personal banter will not solve the basic issue. we need geni help and a small amount of cooperation among collaborators. there is no need for feelings of anger. you can say what ever you want in swahili and it has no effect on me.

2010年4月26日下午 1点13分

Jon, you can copy/paste foreign text into http://translate.google.com to at least get the gist of foreign posts. There is a setting for "auto-detect" language, so you don't have to know what language the foreign text is in. It's not perfect (actually far from it), but it's the best we have, that I am aware of. For example, Kaie's post translates in English to "Did you like this - seven turns, cut once!"

2010年4月26日下午 1点26分

"Did you like this - seven turns, cut once!"

Now can someone explain that!! lol

2010年4月26日下午 1点29分

LOL - I'm still trying to figure out just what language it is! Sorry - American here, don't know much except a little from the Romance Languages. (And I can swear in Hungarian, lol - bad Daddy teaching his kids to do that!)

2010年4月26日下午 2点27分

Sounds kind of like "Measure twice, cut once."

2010年4月26日下午 2点35分

Now that makes sense! Never would have thought of that, thanks!

2010年4月26日下午 6点22分

Translates from Estonian (where thread originated):

And so it is - measure seven times, cut once.

In other words, be careful

2010年4月26日下午 6点24分

Yea like the guy said I cut it 7 times and it was still too short..lol

2010年4月26日下午 9点43分

Üheksa korda mõõda üks kord lõika.
(measure 9 times cut once)

this have more practical extension

Üheksa korda mõõda üks kord lõika näppu
(measure 9 time but cut once into finger)

so be careful but things happends again


I get response from Help

they take seriously and plan what they can do against this person
to protect others work
so long is recommendation not only uncollaborate but block this person



i have a suggestion. To prevent such horrible acts, it would be wise to set a deletion limit (lets say 5) per day or something like that.

2010年4月27日上午 1点06分

Same goes for the Aatonen family Kaja Aatonen
Kaja Aatonen
in particular and her closest family who also don't respect work of others in Geni.
Her famous no name's that are still, to this day troubling people who try to build their tree around this family but still get sometimes get tangled with their profiles and the result is a bunch of no names until she gets blocked again. Last victim was as I know Mall Pendin.

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2010年4月27日上午 1点36分

Dear Henn, family and friends,

W O N D E R F U L N E W S !

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2010年4月27日上午 1点54分

@ Jaak; there should be no such option of deletion of profiles by other members;
only by their manager

2010年4月27日上午 5点43分

On the "measure seven times, cut once" comment, I updated Google's Translate application with Henn's suggestion. Figured while we're out here cleaning up the family tree, we may as well clean up the rest of the Internet, while we're at it...

2010年4月27日上午 6点31分

Dear Henn and all,
Thank you, that's wonderful!

2010年4月27日上午 9点03分

@Ofir. What do you mean be "their manager". All managers listed under the profile or just the creature. You should clarify, what do you mean under "other members". No one except managers are able to edit profiles as i understand this.

2010年4月27日上午 9点05分

sry for my english. mean be = mean by & creature=creator :))

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2010年4月27日上午 9点41分

Yes I've now noticed that I wasn't very clear about the subject; what I meant to say is that the current situation where one of your collaborators or family members can delete your profiles without any warning is a big problem. I know that the Geni team is working on improving that problem.

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Yes, I agree!!! There should be a request (just like when people ask to merge duplicate people), if they can delete a person from your tree.
And also why delete??? Just do the merge (or contact the person if you figure that the other person has inputted the wrong info or a wrong person and discuss it between you...common courtesy!!!)


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