Is Artur Lepberg dead or alive?

Начал Olav Linno Poëll Воскресенье, 16 Мая 2010


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16/5/2010 в 6:40 до полудня

Hele-Liis Orulepa had Artur Lepberg listed as 'living' & I as 'deceased'. No specific birth/death dates or sources are given from either of us. Which is the correct status, etc? I'll let the 'deceased' override for now so the profile remains public.


16/5/2010 в 10:41 до полудня

Hi, Sorry for late reply!

I'm also sorry that I can't answer any of your questions!
How is Artur Lepberg connected to the tree?
Yngve K.

16/5/2010 в 11:00 до полудня

Let's see, for me: Artur Lepberg is your first cousin twice removed. That would make him your great uncle's third cousin twice removed's ex-husband's first cousin once removed.

Basicly, it's blood for me but an 'outside branch' from your point of view - probably not so interesting :) Here he is anyhow:

Artur Lepberg - Artur Lepberg

I'm just doing some write-up's / notes as reminders for post-processing at some later date really :)


16/5/2010 в 2:51 после полудня

Artur ja Salme surid mõlemad 1918. aastal grippi.

16/5/2010 в 5:33 после полудня

Kena, tänan Mari!


Показаны все 5 сообщений

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