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31/5/2010 в 7:53 после полудня

I went to see Grandpa Billy's old home place after he'd died, and we had finally moved back east, and found it ransacked. But I also found Opal (Buchanan) who still lived in Bakersville and she took me and Mom to the gravesite of some of our family. I saw and took pictures of many of them. I saw William C. Burleson's there....I wish I knew where those pics were now, I've been through so many computers. Some of the birth dates and death dates were different on the gravestones than they had been given on the internet. This is fascinating stuff! I wish we had more stories of our family though!

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7/6/2010 в 1:15 после полудня

Loriann, are you in touch with any cousins in NC that could help fill in parts of our tree or that we could invite to join us?


24/3/2011 в 7:14 после полудня

Hi Jennifer, I did add cousin Ricky Buchanan, but when we visited everyone there, he and the Uncle Ora and the other kids didn't have much information. I have most of on paper around here somewhere. I uploaded the picture of Lafayette and Laura's gravestone. Also, you might change her name to Laura Ann instead of Anna Laura after you see it, and the other census records. Thanks so much for inviting me to this...I am really enjoying it, although don't post very often as you know! ;-)

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