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Started by Noah Tutak on 2010年6月1日(星期二)


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I know a lot of you are working very hard cleaning up the tree by merging profiles. I feel like we are making very good progress right now and I wanted to share some data. Last week you all completed a record number of profile merges - 82,792!

With the recent success in killing zombies, and some upcoming enhancements we're working on for better collaboration and and improved merge issues list, I'm excited to see how the tree will look in a few months.

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That means that Scott H. probably has 41,396 fewer profiles now than he did two weeks ago.

Sorry, Scott- just kidding... ;-)

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It would be really nice if the merge issues would sort by last name of theindividual so it is easier to concentrate on a family.



I agree with you on that one. It would make merging easier to deal with.

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go to the profile of the branch you are working on. on the profile page to the right under the tab more there is a tab that gives you the options to see " nearby merge issues" of that profile..then you can concentrate on that branch ^U^

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Hi, Noah!
Thank you for the compliment! It's nice to be noticed! I'm one of those merger people, and I try to spend a few hours each day on my hundreds of family profiles. I've been able to trace both branches back to the 500's - and many, many interwovens with both parents; makes for quite an interesting voyage! Geni tells me I'm a great-great, then I move to the next generation, and suddenly I'm a multicousin/colorful marriage/removed, on the other side of the fam ... good grief! So, I've been writing down the names, to keep it all straight. It's all been quite fascinating, and educational, too. Kitty Milloy, San Diego, CA

2010年6月1日下午 6点07分

Noah, that's really cool. Any chance of getting merge statistics as part of the Family Awards?

2010年6月1日下午 9点43分

Private User that is great - thanks for putting in the work!

Shiri Dori-Hacohen possibly, although we want to make sure that we don't reward merging for merging's sake - we want to make sure that we are rewarding quality as well.

2010年6月2日上午 6点17分

This morning, as soon as I logged in, I saw that there were 4 discussions, 1 message, a bazillion merge issues, and 1 merge request. I ran quick like a bunny to do the merge request first! I didn't want someone else to nab it! LOL! Unfortunately, all the info was exactly the same so I didn't get to do any research. But it was still fun!


Another update - last week we hit another new record with 84,056 profiles merged! Great work everyone. We have some ideas of how we can improve our tools to make merging faster and easier for all of you. Stay tuned...


I've been concentrating on conflicting data and for the first time I noticed we went down in the number of issues! Keep on keepin' on, Mergettes! LOL!

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2010年6月7日下午 1点09分

Waow! (As my Swedish friend says!) Terrific work! Yay, us!!!
One Great Help from Geni would be some way to delete emails sent requesting a merge ... only to find when opening said email (sometimes within a minute) that the requested merge has already been done. This can be quite time consuming. And for naught. But I guess there is no way Geni can do that. ?

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2010年6月7日下午 1点11分

Hm. On second thought, perhaps that's not a great idea, for Geni to delete completed-merge emails. That is often one way I find unknown greats.

2010年6月7日下午 2点51分

Katharine I like that idea about the email, if maybe we can get it as an option. If I am working on something and merge it, I get an email. In that case I would not want to get one, but when someone does, than yes

2010年6月7日下午 3点41分

I suspect that what is happening is person A has person B marked as Automatically accept but person B is unaware and so when person B is sending out merge completion requests they are sending to person A C and perhaps D (or more) to ensure the merge gets completed by someone. If there was a way for person B to be able to easily tell that person A was accepting his requests automatically then he would no longer put requests in to other people and so the other people wouldn't be wasting their time.


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