Family members of Charles Ryder and Eliza Miller

Started by Chris Davies on 2010年6月1日(星期二)


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2010年6月1日下午 7点18分

1st born, Henry Rider, baptised, Holy Trinity , Gosport Hampshire, 21 July 1850,
2nd, born, John Ryder, baptised, holy trinity, Gosport Hampshire, 21 July 1850,
3rd born, Charlotte Rider, baptised, 29 October 1855,
4th born, Ellen Elizabeth, baptised, 17 September 1856,
5th born Elizabeth, baptised, 20 August 1857,
6th born, Alfred Albert, Baptised, 24 July 1859,
7th born, Sarah anne, 18 June 1862,
8th born, Emily Rider, 11 August 1863,
Mary Ann Ryder, 16 November 1863,


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