Accidental Merge, how to reverse?

Начала Shiri Dori-Hacohen Среда, 2 Июня 2010


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2/6/2010 в 6:03 после полудня

I've accidentally merged two profiles that were marked for merge by someone else. However they should not have been merged as they are seemingly unrelated.
I managed to create a duplicate copy for the merged profile as its own brother, but I cannot seem to separate the two. Help, anyone?

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2/6/2010 в 7:06 после полудня

Is Moshe2 the one that is now in the wrong place? If so then I suggest merge Moshe2 with its correct parent, by saying one is the son or parent of the other. Then use resolve duplicates to sever Moshe2 from where it is.
Hope this helps

2/6/2010 в 7:10 после полудня

Hi David,
Yes, it is this Moshe2 (I marked them temporarily to tell them apart).
However neither of them has known parents! Hmm, what to do...?

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2/6/2010 в 7:20 после полудня

Then create parents for them. Moshe gets parents Abba and Ima Moshe. Moshe2 gets parents Abba and Ima Moshe2. Make sure they are deceased else they will be zombies.

2/6/2010 в 7:46 после полудня

Same problem - how do I create a parent out of thin air? Since they are brothers, a father becomes the father of both.
Try it :-)

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2/6/2010 в 8:12 после полудня

I tried it. I got partway. Can you tell me where Moshe2 really belongs in the tree?

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2/6/2010 в 11:24 после полудня

Shiri. I see you cracked this. But now you have two Moshe Unknowns, both with a son Shmuel Unknown, begging out for someone to come along again and accidentally think they are the same person. It's an accident waiting to happen again. I would make one set "Moshe Not Known" and "Shmuel Not Known" - just to distinguish - or even משה לא ידוע and שמואל לא ידוע

3/6/2010 в 1:12 до полудня

just a general note - when fixing this type of bad merge, it is easiest if BEFORE you break the connection between the two brothers, that you transfer the children (if any) to the correct parent. You can usually very easily move a child to its' "uncle" using just the Parents field in the Relationship tab.

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3/6/2010 в 1:22 до полудня

Shmuel, this was an interesting case where neither of the two accidentally merged profiles had a parent in Geni. They were both connected to the bigger tree only through their children/grandchildren.

That is what seemed to make this problem difficult to solve.

3/6/2010 в 9:56 до полудня

U can apply to support
I made once a fatal error, and they fixed it

3/6/2010 в 12:02 после полудня

Thanks David for getting it partway - I was able to break the marriage of Ima2 and Abba1. But you're right that this merge is bound to happen again. I changed the names per your suggestion.

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