Potential Mistake regarding Eliezer Treivish

Начала Shiri Dori-Hacohen Суббота, 5 Июня 2010


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5/6/2010 в 7:51 после полудня

I have a feeling that there were two Eliezers, one was the father of Chana and one the father of Chava. If you look at the tree there is a difference of generation between the two (Chana's granddaughter married Chava's son). This is possible but seems to be unlikely.

Any insight? Yigal, do you know this part of the tree well / have a source for it?


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6/6/2010 в 3:17 до полудня

There could be more than one - I was bothered by that too, but could not find another Eliezer or someone else. I hope someone finds it (if it exists) and inserts the perhaps missing generation

Показаны все 2 сообщения

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