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Начала Liz Hoover Суббота, 12 Июня 2010


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12/6/2010 в 11:52 до полудня

It's Liz (Hoover) again from Princeton.

I just sent a msg. and can't thank you enough for posting this info. can you share how you got it?

Also, as I'm sure you already know, it may help to search for "Fraz" or "Frans", *perhaps* even "Johan Franz/Francis/Frans", as possibilities for Francis's name. I think it's highly unlikely that his given name was "Francis" unless he were British. It was most likely Franz. I only added the thrid possibility,as so very many men from Germany at that time had names preceeded by "Johann" (and sometimes "Hans", but less often, I think). It wasn't unusual for families to have several "Johann" sons, with the names they were called by following that. Just a thought.

Last of all, how did you know about "Mary"? Can you tell me anything else; where, or when they were married?

Thanks again-hope I didn't pester you too much; I'm dying to know more!
Liz : )

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