Gossip by D.Ravikumar

Начал N.G NAIR Воскресенье, 13 Июня 2010


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13/6/2010 в 12:23 до полудня

Happened to see yr comments about the Mahila wing of yr (our Society). In my opinion by
declaring this, you are digging your grave .

I feel it will be more appropriate if you classify it as EGOISM instead of Gossip which
normally generate from Money power or political Power , here the chance of political
power is very remote . Due to sudden development of Money power one will loose
the past memory and live according to the present environment due to lack of maturity
in life and also the regardant and faithless attitude and thinks there is no mortality.
They ignore the fact that everything is controlled by t he Creator and the Ruler of
the entire Universe.

Therefore, my suggestion is create an amiable climate to well relatives and well
wisheres and bury the EGOISM which is a Malignant and will spread quickly.
So keep yr mind pure and serve mankind with love and affection as this is the
only way for self realisation. GOOD LUCK

Aliyan 12/06/10

Показаны все 1 сообщение

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