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It is probable that Anna Andersdotter arrived in New Sweden on the "Mercurius" in March 1656. (See Johnson, "Swedish Settlements", 635) The list for this ship included two families headed by an Anders: Anders Larsson with wife and five children and Anders Jacobsson with wife, maid-servant and three children. ("Id.", 725-26). Source - "The Family of Nils Larsson Frande (Friend)" copyright 1988 by Peter S. Craig.

After Neal's death in 1689, Anna and two sons sold 182 acres embracing what is now a central part of Chester, PA. The deed states:
KNOW all men that we Anne ffriend widow and Relict of Neal Lawsa als ffriend late of Chester als Upland deced. Andrew ffriend Son & heir of the said Neals & Anne for the Consideration of one hundred & ten pounds Currant Silver mony & pay of this Province to us paid by David Lloyd of Philahelphia.......... Have given granted Enfecffed (invested?)................
plantation and Tract of land Situate in Chester als Upland afoiresaid formerly in the tenure of the said Neals Lawsa als ffriend his heirs & Assigns forever by a Patent or Grant therof made & Executed under the hand & seal of ffrancis Lovelace Esqr. Governor General under the late Duke of York & of all his territ. In America bearing Date the Nineth day of April 1669...........
The mark of Ann A ffriend SEAL
Andrew ffriend SEAL
his mark
Johannes F ffriend SEAL
(Deed recorded 24 September 1766 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Deed Book O, p. 338). Source - "Indian Blood", Evelyn Guard Olsen, pg. 18.

In December, 1687 Chester County Court yielded an indictment against "Annie, Neale's widow" for keeping and harboring dogs that worries and kills her neighbors hogs, as also for detaining in her service one Indian boy Chato, who with the said dogs have been found to worry and kill the neighbor's hogs.
Annie's son Anders (Andrew) became bound to the King and Governor in the amount of 20 Pounds for the Indian boy Chato's good abareing (behavior).

3 October, 1689, both Andrew and Mounce Lock acknowledged a Deed to "Anne Friend, widow, and her two sons, John and Andrew "for a plantation and p'misses Conteining 300 acres lying by ye River Delaware in Ridley Township" (Pennsylvania).

In October, 1690 Anne Friend (Anna Andersdotter), and two of her children were sued for scandal and defamation but won out over the prosecutor, Mons Peterson Stacket and his son Peter Peterson Stacket.

In 1693 the tax list for Chester County, Pennsylvania showed "Widow Neales" residing in Ridley Township. The May, 1693 shows "Nils Frende's widow".

i. BRIGITTA (BRITA)2 FRIEND, b. 1657, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1720, St. Georges Creek, New Castle Co., Delaware.
ii. ANDERS (ANDREW) NILSSON FRIEND, b. 1659, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1748, near Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, Virginia.
iii. CARIN (CARTHERINE) FRIEND, b. 1661, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. April 19, 1721, Raccoon Creek, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.
iv. ANNA MARIA (MARY) FRIEND, b. 1663, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania; d. April 19, 1721.
v. JOHANNES (JOHN) FRIEND, b. 1666, Upland, New Sweden, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. December 1737, Upper Penn's Neck, Salem Co., New Jersey.
vi. SUSANNAH FRIEND, b. Abt. 1670, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. Aft. 1735, Gloucester County, New Jersey.
vii. SARAH (NILSDOTTER) FRIEND, b. Abt. 1672, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1742.
viii. GABRIEL (NILSSON) FRIEND, b. Abt. 1674, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. Aft. 1752, Maryland.
ix. LARS (LAWRENCE) (NILSSON) FRIEND, b. Abt. 1676, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1754, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.
x. BARBARA FRIEND, b. 1678, Upland, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; d. Aft. May 24, 1739, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

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