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  • Don Leon
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22/6/2010 в 2:39 после полудня

My uncle, Don Leon Lawrence
Married at least twice
Had at least three children, 2 sons Leon and Lonny iirc and a daughter name unknown.

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22/6/2010 в 3:17 после полудня

Great to have someone related to these profiles, they are just some profiles I have inherited and in respect of the privacy of the one who uploaded them that persons profile and close family is removed with the result that I am listed as Added By without having any knowledge of this line.

It would be nice if you are willing to take over management and maintenance of this area. Send me a collaboration request to enable me to push management to you, or request management of each profile yourself.

In respect of your privacy I will make your family profiles private and remove my self as co-manager when you have access.

Have a nice day!

Показаны все 2 сообщения

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