Emalia Kaikala Kan Hai Kahuila Family Reunion

Начал Roger Yarborough, Jr. Понедельник, 5 Июля 2010


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5/7/2010 в 7:17 после полудня

On July 31th, 2010 - The descendants of Emalia Kaikala Kan Hai Kahuila will gather at the Kalama Park Band Stand in Kihei, Maui, from 8 am to 5 pm.

BYOCZ - Bring your comfort zone...Canopy/Shade, beach chairs, coolers, and food.
"Not a potluck" / Food is for your CZ(comfort zone) - if you get visitors to your CZ and like share awesome! Can visit each other's CZ and no need walk far.

Also, bring your musical instruments, cameras and video cams.
Entertainment Spot Light will be " YOU - DA OHANA "
Sound system will be provided.

BRING: Pictures to share(digital or hard copy), stories of old about the past and how life used to be (written would be nice).
Bring Important dates and information to add to our family records.

Not able to be there...live webcast. (website link TBA)

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