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5/7/2010 в 11:30 после полудня

I would like to invite my 2 youngest daughters to my tree, but (yet) there is no "invite-place" on their profiles.
I guess that it has something to do with their age, so when are they old enough to join ?

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6/7/2010 в 12:01 до полудня

Correct, - if they are under 13 the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA prevents it, and as you know the US laws are valid worldwide ;-)

It is just discussed here:

Private User
6/7/2010 в 12:07 до полудня

Haha, yes, the american big brother is watching us :-)
Thanks for the information.

6/7/2010 в 3:34 после полудня

Erik you might want to try removing their year of birth and then invite them.

Private User
6/7/2010 в 10:19 после полудня

Yes, it´s a possibility, but then i can´t ad their age back before they are actually 13 years old.

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