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Zahájila Janet Row - sobota, 10. července 2010


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10.7.2010 v 9:48 AM

Sharon married Toni after her divorce from Karl Row

They moved to London ON for at time & then moved to a home Toni had biult.

It was sold to a large family soon after & they built a temporary barn structure .

This was to be served with heat plumbing etc.

Later Sharon & Toni purchased a home in Ingersol ON. @ the time of their divorce there were legal disputes.

Documents of the proceedings can be found in Woodstock ON.

These documents include Orders by Judges after lengthy trials.

Retirement from Teaching happened after these events.

Reasons well known to Sharon.

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30.5.2011 v 8:45 PM

Unfortunately information in this post contains many errors. Would suggest that information submitted about me by Janet Row be disregarded as untrue and meant to be hurtful. I came upon this post by accident and am requesting that it be removed.

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30.5.2011 v 8:52 PM

Sharon press the "report" button under the date stamp - that goes to Geni's Help Desk for their action.

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