Hopefully this will work x

Started by Lauren Kaye on 2010年9月1日(星期三)



Hiaa, Ella and Leone x

How r u ?
This should work now x x if ur online please send a message back x x x x

2011年6月20日下午 2点15分

Heyy Lauren,
OhMiGosh! I Haven't Been On Here In Donkey Years :')
How Are You Doingg Girlies?? Xx
Have Too Catch Up With You Sometime And NEED Too See That Cute Dog Of Yours 'Cause I Still Haven't Seen Him Xx
Talk Too You Soon <3
Love Ella.Babee.Jean Xx

2011年6月20日下午 7点46分

Lauren and Ella, you may not realize this, but you've posted this on the main, public Geni discussion board. You likely meant to post it just to your Family Group or a few individuals. You're more than welcome to continue posting here if you'd like, but be aware that your discussion is available for anyone on-line (including non-Geni members) to see.

2011年8月8日上午 5点54分

Thankyou, me will post in just a family group next time.


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