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12/9/2010 в 10:45 до полудня

I cannot find her on Ancestry, has an error been made by someone?

12/9/2010 в 2:54 после полудня

As mentioned in the overview of this profile Catherine was mentioned in the will of William brother of Rev. John Penfold. I would say it seems that her maiden name and married name may be confused on her profile. I will double check this with Sid Geohagen and see if I can access the will.

12/9/2010 в 3:01 после полудня

Sorry, should have checked facts before spouting off.... This is the mother of Catherine, wife of Rev. John so the names are probably correct. Just because a name/tree is not in Ancestry.com does not in the least mean to say it is wrong or non-existant.

13/9/2010 в 1:48 до полудня

Thanks Terry,

Opologies for abruptness of my previous email, I had intended to add more but we had a power cut and I did not realise it had been sent.

I had noticed that the name Catherine popped up in other places.

13/9/2010 в 5:16 до полудня

just for the record, this isn't an email, but a public discussion. So it is visible to ANY one.

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