Open Heart Surgery. But,... I'll be back.

Zahájila GM - úterý, 14. září 2010


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14.9.2010 v 11:41 AM

Hello All,

I'm having Open Heart Surgery. Please note that I will be away from Geni for awhile during my recovery. I have set the 'automatic merge acceptance' feature for my hundreds of collaborators, so please be careful what you decide to merge.

For those interested in checking out news, updates, and personal notes about the whole process (yes physical, but emotional and spiritual, too), I've set up a special blog I'd like to share with you.

Here's the link:

Happy Geni times to you!.


14.9.2010 v 11:49 AM

Dear Gwyneth,

I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. I hope it goes PERFECTLY!

Best regards,


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14.9.2010 v 12:05 PM


Praying for a safe procedure and speedy recovery.

I'll miss you here while you are "away", but will follow your progress on your blog. Thank you for sharing not only your family history with us but your current, personal life, as well.

I'm amazed by the true community available to us if we are only open to it!

With healing prayers,

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14.9.2010 v 12:19 PM

I will say a prayer for you. Hope you know that all the Geni community will be pulling for you and waiting for you to heal and come back.

{{{ virtual hugs }}}

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14.9.2010 v 12:22 PM

All the best to you Gwyneth!
We'll save some really tricky merges/branches for your recovery-period =)
Susanna, kidney transplant 1986

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14.9.2010 v 1:09 PM

Wishing you the best Gwyneth!

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14.9.2010 v 1:15 PM

Dear Gwyneth
I wish you all the best and hope to see you back online ASAP
Just keep the smile on your face.
Take Care

14.9.2010 v 1:48 PM

Take care Gwyneth. heal quickly!

14.9.2010 v 2:04 PM

Best wishes from the Geni Team Gwyneth - I'm sure we'll see you back soon!

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14.9.2010 v 2:11 PM

Best wishes!

14.9.2010 v 3:05 PM

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck and fast recovery...

14.9.2010 v 4:51 PM

you are in our prayers, get well soon

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14.9.2010 v 8:46 PM

Best wishes for a full and fast recovery. Be well.

15.9.2010 v 1:06 AM

All the best

Hope to "see" you soon again

account deleted
15.9.2010 v 5:56 AM

Had open heart surgery nearly 9 years ago -- quad bypass -- no heart problems. Still going strong and in better shape than I've been in for years. If yours is same, follow Dr's order and you'll be fine.

15.9.2010 v 7:37 PM

I'm so happy for you, Gwyneth! You're going to feel so much better soon! We'll miss you but look forward to seeing you back in good health!

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