Marriage & children

Начала Christine Ruth Pauly Среда, 15 Сентября 2010


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  • Francis James
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15/9/2010 в 1:14 после полудня

As one can see from Francis' dates (birth & death), there is NO way he married & had children.
Some glitch transferred all of his brother Thomas' children to Francis. Just how one makes changes....

15/9/2010 в 7:25 после полудня

I could fix it for you if I were made a family member but you could probably do this yourself.

From the tree view, edit each child. Click the relationships tab and look at the parents drop-down list. You can view a list of other possible parental units and select the correct one. Don't forget to Save! HTH.

16/9/2010 в 7:39 до полудня

Got it! Thanks.

Показаны все 3 сообщения

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