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16/11/2010 в 8:02 до полудня

I'm the first to admit that I don't really know much about how this works. Still, I had hoped to fing someone who has information on our tree. Especially at the top end where i've met a brick wall. Is there something that could help??
Richard Radford

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16/11/2010 в 9:21 до полудня

Hi Richard,

Welcome to geni! You've posted in a "public" discussion so I'm not sure what profile you're referring to? If you start a "discussion" from the "profile" itself, other people will see it and maybe they can help.

Some good sources for information about the site (the first 2 have links at bottom of page):

1) the Geni Wiki - http://wiki.geni.com/index.php/Main_Page look around.
2) The Geni help-desk - http://help.geni.com/ with many typical questions and answers
3) The Geni help project - http://www.geni.com/projects/Geni-Help just post your question as a discussion there.
4) Ask a Curator - http://www.geni.com/discussions/80793

16/11/2010 в 4:19 после полудня

Thanks Erica,
Will be awhile before I will have time but the info is appreciated! Spent all day trying to figure some things out and put a brother's fam into our tree.

Want to print every entry with the time line function. Still don't know how. Is there a secret I can't find? I've set Ancestors and Decendants for All but still they don't appear. We need to print the entire list. Want to inspire the fam. at Thanksgiving to get to work and help.
Ginny Radford for husband Richard Radford

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16/11/2010 в 4:29 после полудня

What a great idea for a Thanksgiving event, to work on the tree together!

I can't help you with printing or timelines ... I haven't worked with them much. But I think you got some good suggestions on another discussion.

Give yourself time to learn the application! It's very detailed, powerful and robust. No one learns it all at once (I'm going to duck from the tech heads now) :)

1/3/2011 в 6:08 до полудня

Thanks Erica! I never did get the timeline to print. It's set to only show the forth generation down. Don't know why it should be set at default like that. Anyway now I have time I think I'll get a ged com and transfer all to ancestry.com. I really want this to work and think now I'll have to go with another program. Maybe I've exhausted what I can do here anyway.
Thanks for your answer.
Ginny Radford

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