Non translatable Geni pages, text etc.

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2010年11月24日 12:15 AM

Please add here links and examples as:

After Today's/yesterday's Geni update there are no possibility to translate new project "Options Button"

As it can be see from the same screen-shot, the default text "search name" in search-box is also not translatable...

2010年11月24日 1:05 AM

This page is not possible to translate at all:

2010年11月24日 4:31 AM

There is something wrong with your language settings. I can see it in Estonian. Things which are not translatable are:
a) Search name
b) birth month (August) and date format "August 4, 1996"
c) Facebook link:
Like Be the first of your friends to like this.
b) Family Relationship words:
Daughter of ; Sister of ; Half sister of
and also below, in Overview - Immediate family:
mother's ex-partner
mother's daughter

In Events TAB: 1996 August 4, 1996 Birth of Rebecka
(also date format)
At Revisions TAB the time format is not translated "2:21 PM"
All other is translated.

P.S. Why this 14 years old girl has Public Profie? Has she itself requested it?

2010年11月24日 4:59 AM

It is my sister, and I invited her. She will join, and she will turn her profile in private.

Look, almost everything is in English.

2010年11月24日 7:49 AM

You are both looking at the same profile but one as a logged in Geni user and the other as an non-identified "public" user.

2010年11月24日 7:53 AM

.....who sees virtually everything in english even if Geni knows the language of the user (cookies?) as can be seen on the top menu.

2010年11月25日 12:18 AM

I logged off, came to main screen, at the bottom many changed to Serbian language and I went back to the profile. So, because of that, I have only Serbian menu, instead of whole page.

2010年11月25日 9:56 PM

Nemanja and Oddbjørn Olsen
This is currently related only browser cache and cookies how (in which language) logged-off/not-logged-in/non-Geni-user sees Geni login page, public profiles and other Geni pages (found p.e. via Google Search).
In most cases they will be in English as (unfortunately) Geni is not using for these pages user language preferences, available from most browsers. I think that adding this shall be Must-Have functionality. Also during Geni Log-In (especially first time) the language shall be changed to the preferred one (from browser) automatically. User can later change it (to English or other) and this change shall be remembered. I.e. there shall be preferred (automatic) and claimed (by user) language ("mother tongue") system at Geni.

2010年11月26日 12:14 AM

@Lauri Kreen

OK, I just reported...
I have a three new things to report:

2010年11月26日 1:48 AM

In Estonian we don't have / use Genders in Grammar.
But I had reported similar bug about Num Rule, Count Rule and List Rule where all translation having more than one generated rules translated are with red underlines in phrases list (like not translated). In your first example I can see that Gender rules translations will have red line everywhere. Your 2nd and 3rd example are just about non-working rules.

2010年11月26日 2:09 AM

Do I need to report this somewhere else?

2010年11月28日 11:29 AM

Not translatable:

Your reply was sent.

(announcement after sending message)

2010年11月29日 5:55 AM

Non-translatable e-mails and related problems

These are not translatable:

All these will open non-translatable page/text:
"We are experiencing technical difficulties"

are used phrases:
BUT there is not possible to add ONE missing EMPTY SPACE between them -> it looks like: "num profilesand num photos"

Phrase/Button "View All New Matches" is not translatable.

is used here:
as Subject and in HTML Title, but for some reason {user} is the Tree-Name with "the" at the beginning... But I don't have Tree Name with the here:

This phrase:
is used as title in HTML part of:
PROBLEM is that this will somehow automatically put all words into Title Case (in Estonian we don't use Title Case (all words Capitalized) at alll)!

Capitalzation again:
They are all used with KIND OF ROTATION in
If they are in Subject, then all is OK, but as soon they will be header/title all their first letters are Capitalized!

Again "Capitalization":
Here Tree Name is without "Leading the" but all dashes i'm using inside Tree Name are gone and full translated phrase
is again in HTML fully in Title Case
Subject has another phrase: here also {user} is tree name with dashes in-between words removed.

This has another bug also:
Subject has last part: 22. november-28
HTML header has last part: 22. November-28
in second case the month-name is Capitalized again (i tested it in different ways). But problem is that the -28 is digest number and these is no rule to move it somewhere or even to add an empty space before the leading dash.
Here also "What's New" and "Inbox" are not translatable.

This text
is mostly (99%) not translatable.
has phrase (HTML title) again with "Capitalization":
(Each one is OK when in Subject)

P.S. How we shall translate this?:
and this?:

2010年11月29日 8:53 AM

Non-translatable response at:

Your settings have been updated, and will take effect shortly.

2010年12月7日 12:35 PM

When will be language names here translatable?:

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2010年12月21日 3:45 PM

also tagging Michael Berkovich here

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