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24/11/2010 в 9:52 после полудня

based on

I copied and pasted from Wikipedia and external AND internal geni hyperlinking worked.

Let me know if I missed any profiles.


25/11/2010 в 5:08 до полудня

Can't say I see any missing, but not sure yet about the validity of Argotta... I think that one snuck into the bunch. Will review.

First problem area:

Theodoric "the Great", King of the Ostrogoths

This profile was apparently mismerged earlier with the Theodoric of the Visigoths, who fought and died as an ally of the Romans at Chalons during Attila's invasion. So now he has two extra parents (valid parents, perhaps for Visigoth Theodoric):

Ataulf (Adolphus) King of the Visigoths

And then there is this one that is out in left field someplace... apparently he was merged into the wrong generation...

That's just the start :)

Hope all are having a Happy Turkey Day in Norte America....-Ben.

Показаны все 2 сообщения

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