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Started by Hatte Blejer on 2010年12月14日(星期二)


2010年12月14日下午 4点12分

My project profiles suddenly show up in list format which I do NOT like. Since a lot of celebrities were added (with my permission), that is now all that shows up and that will turn off my relatives collaborators who come to learn about their ancestors.

I would like (1) gallery view for project profiles versus list view option (2) the ability to rearrange the order of project profiles so that that the founder generations of the family that the project is about show up first.

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2010年12月14日下午 4点28分

I agree with Hatte. Lack of options on display and sorting of project profiles makes the listing pretty useless when it goes over 1 page. You can't easily find any particular profile, and a casual browser will be put off by a hotchpotch of profiles whose sort order looks random (though it is probably based on the order in which the profiles were added to the project).


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