GUID to API ID mapping?

Started by Tobias Jungen on 2010年12月16日(星期四)


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2010年12月16日下午 1点12分

It's unclear how to go from a Geni GUID (e.g. for my profile it's "4526932894380070385") to an API ID (for my profile it's "profile-11308584"). The API doesn't have a search functionality either, as far as I can tell.

2010年12月16日下午 1点58分

You can pass GUIDs to the api by prefixing them with a 'g'.

For example /api/profile-g4526932894380070385 would return your profile.

2010年12月16日下午 3点37分

We added documentation for this 'feature'

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2010年12月16日下午 4点31分

Awesome, thanks guys.

2010年12月16日下午 7点30分

Awesome, thanks!

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2011年4月7日下午 1点56分

Do you have an option to go the other way?

I am working on a desktop app and want to fire up my browser for a specific profile using the id profile-1294997 to open Private User

I know I can load the profile first to get the guid.

2011年4月7日下午 8点01分

Not at this time. Sorry.

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2012年11月8日上午 4点44分

A minor update:
The API profile record does now include a profile_url value pointing to the Geni web profile.

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2012年11月8日上午 4点58分

Using<node-ID> does also work now, i.e

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2013年3月14日上午 9点38分

Scott Steadman, what is the user_id and how do I get it? I know my GUID, which is 5685693775440034593, and I know my profile id, which is profile-16675621, but apparently, I also have a user_id which is 1771709. The user_id is used in the Actions menu for Revisions and the Histogram. How do I get this user_id number from the API?

Also, is there any way to identify a user is a curator via the API?


Private User The user_id is an internal id that we're not exposing through the API at this time.

Private User
2013年3月14日下午 1点05分

Scott Steadman - Thanks, - if I remember correctly you once said that the api/user-xxx references in the Api should be replaced by profile-Id's?

BTW: I get randomly Internal server errors (500) when trying to process: - probably because of timeouts when the description parts are large.

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2013年3月18日上午 7点02分

Scott, Mike, if you have a reply to that deleted post, PM me on it.

2013年3月18日下午 5点01分

Jeff, the page you asked about is not accessible via the API and wasn't designed to perform with the frequency that an automated process would likely demand.

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2013年3月18日下午 5点28分

The frequency that I was thinking wouldn't be any more than once an hour.

2013年3月18日下午 5点35分

I doubt we have the time to put this in the API, but you can fetch the data directly by calling the same URL with "_data" at the end of the action, i.e. "...ogram_data?user_id=nnnn"

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2013年3月18日下午 6点03分

Ya, that's what I'm currently doing. Problem is.. it requires the browser cookie and stuff. I'm having difficulty doing it from a python query on a hosted web server.


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