Suggestion; Phrases not released to translation - Keeping track

Started by Oddbjørn Olsen on 2010年12月18日(星期六)


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2010年12月18日下午 1点53分

Would it make sense to use screen captures (w/mark ups) and submit them as documents coupled to the Translators project?

The URL must be visible in the screen capture to assist the developers in tracking down the missing phrase.

The title field could contain one or more of the US english phrases (separated by "/").
Once the missing phrase(s) is/are released, the title should be edited to remove the phrase no longer missing.

I have put in a document as an example. Feel free to remove if there is another/better way of communicating this to Geni-staff.

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2010年12月18日下午 4点36分


In any case the profile pages is currently going through a major redesign, so I suggest you wait with your suggestions until it is released. Stay tuned...


Private User What is the connection between redesign of the profile pages and a generic suggestion for handling the issue of missing translation phrases?


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