Looks strange; context? - {user}'s Curated By Me

Started by Oddbjørn Olsen on 2010年12月20日(星期一)


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2010年12月20日下午 9点32分
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2010年12月20日下午 9点49分

's as in the the contraction of "is" perhaps. They're rolling out a new tool for curators so we can get a better context tomorrow or the day after.

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The grammar of these phrases is shonky, but they mean "user's (list of people who are) curated by me". The set includes "added by", "managed by" and "invited by", and can be found as the last 7 results of this search: http://www.geni.com/tr8n/phrases?section_key=&search=By

The context is at http://www.geni.com/list/index Go to "Group:" just under "Focus Person:" on the yellow menu on the left and choose one of the "....ed By" options from the drop-down.

As I say, awkwardly phrased, but if your language includes something along the lines of "{user's} list of people who were added by me" or even better, "People added by {user}", that might carry the meaning better. My German version is "Von {user} hinzugefügt".

Hope that helps!

2010年12月21日上午 2点13分

@Kit The selection doesn't show up on the drop down list which may be because it hasn't been fully released or the fact that I'm not a curator.
I'm still strugling to get the full logic; If the {user}-token carries a list the result would look something like this (assuming the list has two elements);

"Firstname1 Lastname1 and Firstname2 Lastname2's Curated By Me"

Have I understood it correctly?

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2010年12月21日上午 5点23分

The curators have asked Geni to implement a listing over profiles we have marked as Master Profiles (i.e. curated by), so this might be used in that context, - but not yet released.

2010年12月21日下午 1点17分

Private User "{user}'s Curated By Me"
can't fit to MPs as MPs are always non-claimed public profiles...

This "Curated By" http://www.geni.com/tr8n/phrases/view?translation_key_id=229153 can be used with MPs'

Anyway, both are context dependent.

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2010年12月21日下午 1点45分
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2010年12月21日下午 3点07分

Oddbjørn, I don't know if the others' comments have cleared it up, but no, the phrase does not contain a list such as "Firstname1 Lastname1 and Firstname2 Lastname2". There's only ever one {user}.

What I meant was that, in your translation, you could insert the words "...list of people who are..." to make the meaning clearer. In my example, it would be "Oddbjørn Olsen's list of people curated by me", which is the heading for a list of people curated by Oddbjørn Olsen.

Or, even better, Victar's suggestion of "Curated by {user}". I have used this method in both German and English (UK).

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2010年12月21日下午 3点12分

That being said, Private User, I don't know that I like "Añadidos por de {user}" etc. in the Spanish. I didn't want to vote them down wholesale, but what do you think of "Añadidos por {user}", etc.?

Also, "Añadidos por mí de {user}" is a bit clunky. The title "{user}'s Added By Me" only appears if you choose a predefined list in the top right, whereas if you choose the same options in the left menu "Focus person: yourself, Group: Added by", you get the "{user}'s Added By" title instead.

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Since "Curated By" is difficult to translate in may languages, just focus on what kind of list this is, - a list over Master Profiles, so you can rephrase by using your translation of what a Master Profile is, something like: "Victar Mas's Master Profiles".

Geni will also try to add an option to the Merge Center to give a curator an option to filter on master profiles / curated by.


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This "predefined list of choices" at http://www.geni.com/list/index :
--- Select a predefined list ---
Recently Added
Recently Joined
Recently Modified
Invited By Me
Added By Me
Managed By Me

Is unfortunately still not-translatable...

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2010年12月22日下午 1点10分

This got semi-fixed. Now it's just {user}'s Curated By.

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2010年12月22日下午 1点14分

@Kit, when a phrase like that is extra wonky, I try and keep the wonkiness for everyone to experience. Otherwise I'll never get around to complain about it, heh.

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2010年12月22日下午 4点03分

Lauri Kreen, Ͼ, no, that drop-down list isn't translatable (yet?). But what the title of the page is when you choose something from this list is still translatable.

Private User, if you choose one of the predefined lists (can't check "Curated By Me", but the other three, yes) you still get "Kit Burton Senior's Added By Me".

Private User, I don't think that changing the entire meaning of the sentence is the best idea, but I will agree that the words "curator" and "curate" are a little difficult to translate.


There is one other (similar) not-translatable drop-down list:
At: http://www.geni.com/requests/sent#


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