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Private User
2010년 12월 29일 7:51 PM

Now I've seen everything- someone is putting their horses on Geni. In the About Me section it lists their breeder and other info.
Kermit The Frog US-1001-Z

2010년 12월 29일 7:54 PM

i dont see a problem with that. at least they are real.

Private User
2010년 12월 29일 7:56 PM

My mistake, then. I thought we were doing human beings. I didn't think we were getting into evolution.

Private User
2010년 12월 29일 8:01 PM

Also, I was so surprised when I found them, I didn't realize till I went back and had another look just now they're in another tree. Thank goodness- hard to tell what I would have seen in a relationship

2010년 12월 29일 8:02 PM

yeh as long as they dont get merged into the big tree somhow it should be fine

2010년 12월 30일 2:30 AM
Private User
2010년 12월 30일 4:34 AM

Sorry- I missed it. It's difficult to keep up with every post. I'll leave it alone- just thought it was funny. I knew dogs had been discussed. I didn't mean to cause a fuss!

Private User
2011년 1월 14일 6:41 AM

When do anybody introduce here aliens ?

Private User
2011년 1월 14일 7:23 AM

We have at least a StarWars section. You might find some aliens there.

Private User
2011년 1월 14일 7:39 AM

I was just kidding........

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