Display of plural blood-lines

Started by Ivar N. Utbjør on Friday, 1월 7, 2011


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2011년 1월 7일 2:57 PM

When you check out a person's relation to yourself Geni provides an answer,- a family line.

But in many cases there are more than one blood- or family lines,- How can I ( Or rather GENI ) show this?

Ivar N Utbjør

2011년 1월 9일 3:00 AM

Shalom Ivar,
at present you can not show multiple lines, although Geni has said this is on their list of things to do. Sometimes, you CAN "cheat" a bit by "helping" the path finder though. If you know of a common relative that you want to trace through, then show that path, and then request the complete path. Because they cache the paths, this sometimes helps.

Private User
2011년 1월 9일 4:33 AM

How do you help the path?

2011년 1월 9일 4:41 AM

Well by checking the path to an intermediate, you also add that path to the Cache. :-)

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