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10/1/2011 в 5:40 до полудня

I have a cousin in another tree with a different user name and e-mail. We are collaborating and I have added her to a project yet I can’t edit her profile or view the other tree. How do I merge these two profiles?

10/1/2011 в 7:36 до полудня
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10/1/2011 в 8:07 до полудня

You won't be able to edit her profile if she has claimed it. Collaboration is for public profiles. Add her e-mail into the profile that you control. That will send her a request to merge her profile, making the two trees one. You'll then have to finish the remaining merges due to the duplication.

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10/1/2011 в 8:08 до полудня

If you add her to your family group, you'll also be able to see her tree, but this will happen automatically once the tree is merged.

11/1/2011 в 1:08 после полудня

I assume my cousin has claimed her profile in my tree since it doesn’t say who is the manager and I have no edit capabilities. Therefore I can’t change the e-mail address to match that of the profile in the other tree.

The profile in the other tree doesn’t have an “Add to Family Group” link nor does it have a “Contact Profile Manager” link.

11/1/2011 в 2:09 после полудня

have you merge me? do i need to do something?

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11/1/2011 в 2:17 после полудня

I sent a merge request for the profiles, so you should see something now to "accept".

12/1/2011 в 4:41 до полудня

Thanks Jeff for your help, but I may still have a problem. I just realized that the manager of the other profile hasn’t been on geni in over a year. I may not have anyone to approve the merge?

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12/1/2011 в 5:53 до полудня

Looks like Mindy has logged into both profiles, so she should be able to complete it. Otherwise, there are other managers and family around her. Anyone in that family group should be able to accomplish the merge. You might also be able to start a merge on surrounding profiles as well, such as Michael or Mark. Once any one of them is accomplished, you should be able to finish the rest.

12/1/2011 в 6:21 до полудня

I can't start merges on surrounding profiles because I still can't access the other tree.

12/1/2011 в 7:27 до полудня

OK...Who needs to finish this merge? It already says Mindy and Chuck think these profiles are the same. Is it the absentee profile manager Julia?

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12/1/2011 в 8:07 до полудня

Some people that might be able to finish it.
Julia Klein
Private User
Trish Klein
Ruth Dandurand
Private User
Private User
Andrea Wolf

12/1/2011 в 11:26 до полудня

you're wrong for a change. As with ANY claimed profile, then [by default] ONLY the profile owner can complete the merge. All the more so, since they are BOTH claimed. As Mimi was recently online, it should NOT be too hard to contact her, and explain the situation.

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12/1/2011 в 11:50 до полудня

From what I understand, is Mindy Ellis... correct? If she's also claimed the Mimi profile, then she'll need to log into that account and accept the merge. Are they using two different e-mails?

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12/1/2011 в 12:03 после полудня

I've started a merge on a few more profiles around there, so maybe another will be easier. I started one on Leo Schoenfeld and another on Michael.

13/1/2011 в 5:01 до полудня

That was anything but painless : )

Thanks for all your help.

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13/1/2011 в 5:59 до полудня

Ya, merging claimed profiles can be a bit of a headache. Glad it got resolved. Since it's now one family group, you should be able to complete any additional merges on unclaimed profiles.

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