Creating a new branch of the tree?

Начал David Berkowitz Суббота, 15 Января 2011


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15/1/2011 в 11:59 до полудня

I've got some branches of the tree that I have fleshed out but haven't yet connected to my own. Is there anyway to start a separate branch that i can tie to my tree later? Thanks one and all.

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15/1/2011 в 12:06 после полудня

Start it by connecting a profile to your tree, maybe as your brother or something. Then disconnect that profile from the parents (edit relationships - remove parents). This will create a profile floating all by itself, which you can then build on. Just remember to copy down the URL or you may never find it again.. haha

15/1/2011 в 12:07 после полудня

Thanks so much, Jeff. You're such a tremendous help.

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