Origin of the surname Renov

Начала Melody Renov Benattar Среда, 19 Января 2011


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19/1/2011 в 1:25 до полудня

My grandfather, Eliyahu (Elias) Renov, came to America with the surname of Chazanovsky. My grandmother, Leah Gold(otsky), changed my grandfather's surname to Renov before she married him because she thought that Chazanovsky was too long and too difficult for Americans to pronounce, especially with the chet at the beginning of the name. Because my Zadie's family were chazanim, she made the name Renov by taking Rina, changing the a to o and adding v to make Renov, thinking that somewhere the ov ending was sort of Russian sounding. Therefore, anyone named Renov is family, absolutely, and with no doubt.

Показаны все 1 сообщение

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