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Private User
6/2/2011 в 10:11 до полудня

Twelve days ago I sent a routine help request to Geni indicating that I could not convert photos to documents. Other than the automated acknowledgment message, I have heard nothing further.

Today I received a notice of my pending renewal of Pro membership. My problem is whether the claimed Pro benefits are cost effective.

6/2/2011 в 11:47 до полудня

NB! Michael Stangel, Private User - please answer!

Private User
7/2/2011 в 11:33 до полудня

Private User , tickets are answered in the order in which they are received. Unless you are a Pro user, one can expect a 2 week wait time.

Ron, I was able to locate your ticket and it was in the regular queue. To ensure the appropriate response time, please make sure you are logged into your Pro Geni account when submitting the ticket.

With regards to your question, are you asking whether or not you should be required to pay in spite of some issues/bugs which may be occurring on the site? I do not fully understand what you are asking.

Private User
2/4/2011 в 7:14 до полудня

As a follow up to Ashiya's suggestion that, as a Pro member, I should file my help requests from my Pro Geni account.

I finally found where to file such a request and wonder if there is a better way to access. If not, access needs to be improved.

Here is were I found it - a 5 step process:
1. go to "Account" at top of home page,
2. then find "Account Settings",
3. then "Geni Pro Account",
4. find "Priority Support" and finally,
5. "File a Priority Support Request".

2/4/2011 в 8:44 до полудня

Michael Stangel Can you please add this "File a Priority Support Request" directly into drop-down menu "account" for PRo's (near to "Give a Free Geni Pro Trial")?

2/4/2011 в 12:56 после полудня

We'll discuss it, but as you know if we have people filing support requests for things they could find in the help forums or elsewhere, it's going to add to the Customer Support team's load and everyone will have to wait longer to get help. I'll bring it up with the team.

Private User
3/4/2011 в 10:05 до полудня

A suggestion MIke. Charge us Pro members $52 a year rather than $50 and use the extra revenue to hire one more staff member to answer our stupid, repetitive, obvious and silly questions.

And, by the way, get rid of the clumsy, non-user friendly access.

3/4/2011 в 4:10 после полудня

Ron, it doesn't have to be as clumsy as the steps you posted above -- clicking Help at the bottom of any page takes you to From there just click Submit a Request in the header of that page.

Private User
4/4/2011 в 8:04 до полудня

Thank you, Mike, that's much better.

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