The yiddish writer Mendel Abarbanel (1888–1957),

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Abarbanel, Mendl
(1888, Vitebsk–1957, Kiev), poet. Born in Belorussia, Mendl Abarbanel’s first publications appeared in periodicals in Vitebsk and Moscow (1918); from the late 1920s he lived in Kiev, where he was an active member of the city’s proletarian literary group. Between 1930 and 1940, he published five collections of poetry in various genres, from ideological propaganda to personal and autobiographical lyrical poetry.

The Mendel Abarbanel family, evacuated from Kharkov:
Mendel Osipovich (a son of Joseph) - a writer, Anastasia Osipovna - his sister, Frida Israilevna - his wife, Alexandra Markovna and Galina Fedorovna?? - his daughters,
Zoya Fedorovna (1931), Valeriy Fedorovich(1939) - children of Anastasia Osipovna.

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