George Atwood Wilson

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I have traced my line up to my great Grandfather George Atwood Wilson JR. We know HIS father was named George A Wilson. But currently there is some debate and confusion as to wether or not George A Wilson SR is the son of Darius Wilson or some other Wilson. Still trying to Find info on Correct mother for George Atwood Wilson JR.
He was born in Manchester NH in 1874. As far as I can find out (with the help of a genealogist from NEHGS) George's father was George A Wilson, who served in the 21st Maine infantry during the Civil War from Waterville ME, born in Boston, MA in 1846. This George married 3 x.
We have in the family a document floating around with George Atwood Wilson Jr's papers (ie: Military records pics etc) that document is a birth Certificate listing NO mother NO father and Surname is writen down as "METIS". The family story goes: that either George Atwood Wilson JR or SR was ADOPTED into the Wilson familly; now wether or not he was BORN a Wilson and adopted by a Wilson relative is entirely possible. My great Uncle George Dunlea Wilson claimed he found documents in a town hall in Maine proving that his father's Biological grandparents were a French Furtrader and a Chief's Daughter from (he claime) the Cherokee tribe. My Grandmother always said it was a tribe from the Maine/Canada Border....Just trying to figure things out...If any of this looks firmiliar or if any one has any info or further questions please let me know, this has been an ongoing Mystery (for me) since I was 12.
Thanks :)

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