R' Avraham Yeshia Heshel Apter Rov

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24/3/2011 в 2:03 после полудня

I just got information that R' Avraham Yeshia Heshel Apter Rov is the brother of Briendel Weissberg , wife of Moshe Dov Weissberg. Can Anyone confirm this?

24/3/2011 в 9:00 после полудня

Private User Maybe you could do some research on this possibility if you know the Weissberg family. As far as I could see we do not have any such information on Geni, and a google search was unproductive too.

Maybe on www.Hebrewbooks.com you could find a sefer with family information on the Apter Rebbe.

Rabbi Avraham Heschel, Admor of Apta

You might find this link helpful for the rest of the Heschel family connections.,

24/3/2011 в 9:02 после полудня

Ooops, sorry, the link for Hebrew books is,

It is a fantastic resource, as the front pages of the seforim often mention the author's family tree.

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