Medical camp-Medicine purchase

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30/3/2011 at 12:00 ÖS

Medicine cost of Rs. 2400/- posted yesterday is for the purchase from SNA, Thycat Moos, Trissur. Another purcase of 2 full bottles of Pindathailam-Rs.360, 2 bottles Murivenna-Rs. 450 and 100 Villwadi gulika-Rs.200, totalling Rs. 1010 also is there and hence the total purchase of medicine for the camp is for Rs.3410/- ( 2400+1010). Shaji to please note and prepare the records accordingly.

Medical Camp, Medicines purchase cost is Rs. 2400/- as follows:- Arishtams - 705 Enna/Kuzhambu - 825 Choornams - 870. This purchase is from SNA- Thycat Mooss, Thrissur.

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