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14/4/2011 в 10:07 до полудня

I'm so excited that we have so many collaborators and followers representing descendants of early settlers of Taunton! We've made a lot of progress but I would welcome help to make the actual project narrative more interesting and accessible.

I have cut and paste family information into the early families and it is uneven in detail and tone. If you are interested in one of the families and would like to take responsibility and edit or write an interesting and even amusing brief overview of the families role in Taunton, that would be great. Don't worry too much about the Wiki formatting. A couple of us know how to do that and can clean up after you. Or simply email me your contributions and I'll put it into the project for you. Fun stories about the families for instance.

Also, what are the major events on a timeline or the major contributions of Taunton to America?

Again, my role was to get us started, but I'm hoping others will help make this a more lively and appealing project.

This has been very exciting for me to learn about these families and see how my family interacted and intermarried with them. Next I plan a trip to Taunton, Raynham, Dighton, Easton, and Norton (at least).

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17/4/2011 в 10:56 до полудня

I would like join the project. Please tell me how to get started.
Best regards,

Lois Dean (from Walter Deane)

17/4/2011 в 11:06 до полудня

Hi Lois, I will add you to the project right now. Welcome.

Please feel free to add profiles, documents, images, or text to the project page. If you want to send me text to add, so I take care of the Wiki formatting, that would be fine too.

17/4/2011 в 11:11 до полудня

It would be nice if project collaborators introduce themselves and say where their interest stems from.

I am the 9th great granddaughter of Richard Williams and Frances Deighton. He is called the Father of Taunton and the town Dighton was named after her. I was brought up on the West Coast and have never been to Taunton, but I will remedy that soon! My mother's maiden name is Williams and I have heard about our ancestors all my life.

17/4/2011 в 11:14 до полудня

I am also a direct descendant of the following families at a minimum: Wilbor, Strong, Ruggles, Deane.

21/6/2011 в 8:20 до полудня

Starting this discussion up again. I have THREE suggestions of things that we could each volunteer for that would improve the project. There are no time deadlines, take as long as you need to.

1. Research and write up a summary of your ancestors for the project narrative - e.g., Ruggles family, Deane family, Williams family, Wilbore (Wilbur) family. I envision these being between 1 to 4 paragraphs long. I'll start a separate discussion for this topic with an example.

2. Take on the first - second generation of your family and make sure that there are well written About Me's in the ancestors' profiles. To do this, you may have to do research or in some cases, just help re-organize what's already in the About Me. Again, there is a template for a good About Me that is a good starting point. I will start a separate discussion with examples.

3. Find historical documents about Taunton and your family and add to the project. Maps, photographs, links to online sources. PDFs.

Cousin Hatte

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22/6/2011 в 4:13 после полудня

Where will we find the template you mentioned?

By the way, I always prefer as little deviation from source material as possible, And anything not sourced should be acknowledged and attributed to the writer. An example is speculation or conclusions re Eleanor strong or Eleanor coggin's name or parentage, migration date, or sojourns prior to residence in Taunton area. do we have a convention specifically for this?
To date, I have used (LD) to indicate who is authoring, as opposed to recording.

22/6/2011 в 4:37 после полудня

Private User - Thanks for keeping me honest. I had time to create a separate discussion about family overviews in the project narrative, which you'll find listed as a discussion for this project.

I will go find the template and an example and post them also in a discussion devoted to "How to create an About Me"

I agree with you that we should attempt to source whatever "facts" we cite and where there is speculation or two or more competing theories, we should mention it.

It's a good convention to use your initials for the part you author. I'm not sure what you mean by "as opposed to recording".

22/6/2011 в 4:53 после полудня provides the template and example for the About Me section of a profile.

22/6/2011 в 4:55 после полудня talks about how to write a summary of your ancestral Taunton family to include in the project narrative for this project.

12/7/2013 в 9:14 до полудня

Hey folks,

I've noticed at least one profile (@Mary Williams (Gilbert)) references, which is no longer on the web or directly on I was able to track it to which is interesting if incomplete. Also linked is which is no longer on the live web, but an interesting (if non-primary) source for Taunton.

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