List of the Emirs of Toledo

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15/4/2011 в 4:49 после полудня
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15/4/2011 в 8:23 после полудня

Thanks. It's only for the brief Taifa period though.

15/4/2011 в 8:29 после полудня

I'm rushing through material on al-Andalus. Interesting that they have whole chapters on Granada and less on some of the other areas.

15/4/2011 в 8:31 после полудня

Tell me the years you are looking for.

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15/4/2011 в 8:51 после полудня

I'm working on Huesca right now. Let me know if you have find anything on the the period 719-802. Thanks.

15/4/2011 в 9:04 после полудня

Looking but nothing major.

15/4/2011 в 9:47 после полудня
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15/4/2011 в 9:51 после полудня

Nice find.

As you know, I created a project for the Wilayah of Zaragoza but I'm wondering if I should create a separate project called Taifa of Zaragoza or should we be calling them something different.

15/4/2011 в 9:57 после полудня

I was wondering that. The Taifas were break away kingdoms when the Umayyads weakened, but prior to that the Umayyads ruled.

15/4/2011 в 10:06 после полудня

My favorite source is Hugh Kennedy and he talks about the Taifas as follows:

1) Arab patrician taifas: Seville, Zaragoza and Cordoba
2) The old Berber taifas: Badajoz, Toledo, and Albarracin
3) The saqaliba taifas of the Levante
4) The Zirids of Granada and other 'new' Berber taifas

The taifas were followed by the alMoravids who we have not worked on. Then another period of taifas. Then the Almohad Caliphate. Then the Nasrids in Granada.

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15/4/2011 в 10:48 после полудня

I see al-Andalus broken into 5 separate period centered projects:

756-1031: Caliphate of Córdoba
1031-1085 : Taifas of al-Andalus
1085-1145 : Almoravid Caliphate
1147-1238 : Almohad Caliphate
1238-1492 : Emirate of Granada

16/4/2011 в 7:39 до полудня

Yes, I agree with this from all the sources I have seen Victar. And I have family trees for most of these in the back of Hugh Kennedy's book. The Taifas being the exception. That's where I am getting my input and then I check other sources for more biographical input or how to write in Arabic.

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