Warren Andrew Paul Dyson

Начала Terry Boyd-Dyson Пятница, 29 Апреля 2011


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29/4/2011 в 7:47 после полудня

My husband and I are looking for parents of Warren A P Dyson b. Sep 1831, Winston Salem, NC m. Sarah Catherine Reich Apr 14, 1857 in Winston Salem, NC. Warren died Mar 27, 1909 in Everton, Mo. I have decendents from Samuel Albert Dyson, Warren and Sarah's son
He was b. Oct 30,1861 in Indiana.

25/12/2011 в 8:50 до полудня

Just to mention you are not the only DYSON interestee here.
The DYSONs I seek were clustered around their purported place of origin (of the name itself) in the area south west of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. But there are a lot of them to sift through to winkle out the relevant links.
Good hunting Terry

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