Luiz Alberto Moraga-Decker's exit from the USA

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5/7/2011 at 11:23 AM

At the time of his "death", we received from Guatemala all of his credit cards cut in half. Some papers were signed by a "lawyer" that did not meet US standards. Neither his clothes nor his car were returned. He did suffer a heart attack while residing in Mexico City. The board members of Ansul Chemical Co. were having a meeting in that city at the time and visited Alberto at his bedside. He was having an affair with a Mexican woman at the time. After his embarrasment with the company board members, he quit his job and made plans to "disappear" with his Mex lover. He never once thought of the effect of his actions or of the wealfare of his wife and children in Marinette, Wisconsin. He took the COWARD'S way of doing things. But then, he did the same thing earlier in Bolivia. During the Chaco War (ie. Bolivia vs. Paraguay) he skipped the country for Chile in order to avoid the draft. He never did obtain his degree in engineering even though his studies were free............Did he flunked school as well? He was a very good draftsman but clearly lacked the mathematical skills to be an engineer. He was a dreamer who relied on politics to earn a living. I think his membership in the Masonic Lodge was helpful in his endeavors. May God have mercy on his miserable rotten soul.

8/10/2011 at 1:21 AM

Wow. Very enlightening read.. I'm sorry that your father's actions still plague you to present.

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