Who did this Rachel marry?

Начала Judy Baumgarten (Kornfeld) Четверг, 12 Мая 2011


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12/5/2011 в 3:04 после полудня

On the handwritten tree, which I have attached several copies to Rachel, it looks like someone wrote that Rachel is married to Michael Kfd. "Kfd" seems to stand for something, and the obvious choice is that it stands for "Kornfeld", which doesn't make sense unless she married a Michael Kornfeld who was a cousin. Any thoughts?

18/5/2011 в 4:02 после полудня

David InVienna sent me the following message:

I am contacting you about this profile: Rachel (Rosalia) Kornfeld
I think she is the same person as

I base this on Hugo Gold: Die Juden und Judengemeinden Böhmens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, p. 166, left column, last paragraph, where it says that Michael, the son of Salme (Salomon) married a sister of Aaron Kornfeld. Since Michael's wife is called Rachel according to the Familiant and Aaron has a sister called Rachel I submit that they are one and the same.

Since I am new to geni and am still learning my way around I would like to ask you, if you agree with my conclusion, to merge the two Rachels. I have no clue how to do that.

Best regards

I think he's right and these 2 Rachels are the same. I will look at it further and fix the profiles so that they can be merged.

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20/5/2011 в 1:04 до полудня

I agree that Judy's tree confirms that Rachel, sister of Aron and daughter of Mordechai, married Michaal Kfd (i.e Kornfeld). The marriage of Michael KORNFELD, son of Salomon, to Rachel KORNFELD is confirmed by the Heiratskontrakt of 1816 listed in the Familiantenbuch.

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